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Private Training Options

Private Training

Private training, one of our most popular services, yields the quickest and largest rate of growth with our athletes.  Working individually, or in a small group, allows for the focus on the very small details, that often make all the difference.  Choose from private, semi-private, or small group lessons.

Currently, all private training is held on Sundays, between the hours of 7am to 4pm . Private lesson schedule is completed the Thursday prior to each Sunday.  

All Private Lessons are run by Coach Nikki Vaporis.

One Hour Lesson:  $75
Two Hour Lesson:  $135

2 Players/1 Hour: $55/Player
2 Players/2 Hours: $90/Player

3 Players+ /1 Hour: $40/Player
3 Players+ /2 Hours: $65/Player

Location:  Lyman High School - Multigym

Private Lesson

One Coach + One Player

$65/Player for One Hour

$120/Player for Two Hours

Paired Private Lesson

One Coach + Two Players

$50/Player for One Hour

$100/Player for Two Hours

Small Group Lesson

One Coach + 3 or More Players

$40/Player for One Hour

$80/Player for Two Hours